Heidi - Kaimahi - Writer of Section 27 Reports.

I was born and raised in Denmark. I moved to Aotearoa in 2022, after having met my partner, who is from New Zealand, while travelling in Sri Lanka. I absolutely love this beautiful country, and I am particularly interested in educating myself about the history of New Zealand and Māori culture.

I hold a degree in journalism from Denmark and have been working as a freelance journalist and writer since 2021. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Cultural Reports NZ. Fundamentally, I believe that every person deserves and has a right to have their story told, and I am passionate about hearing and telling people's stories and getting better outcomes within the criminal justice system.

I bring compassion and kindness to my role as a report writer. Furthermore, I believe that I bring a slightly unique perspective given that I grew up in Denmark and have lived in both Germany and the UK and now Aotearoa.

When I'm not working or educating myself, I love spending time with whānau, hiking, practicing yoga, being in nature, reading, learning new languages, and travelling.